Hi. Hola. Oi. 

Multilingual director/photographer/creative producer available for
broadcast, digital, social and print projects in advertising, film, art, and branded entertainment. 

Recently selected for SHOOT Magazine's New Directors Showcase 2019Alexandra Henry is a multilingual emerging director with over 12 years of international experience in film and entertainment. Her passion for art, music, and languages is showcased through her photography, music videos and on-going documentary project featuring female street artists from all over the world. She's an expert at connecting with global clients who are seeking directors, photographers, and urban artists that make socially conscious and culturally relevant work. She also provides project management and capacity building support for global clients such as Pepsi, Gatorade, American Express, Lay’s and more, on a diverse range of short-term projects in the areas of development, strategic planning, communications, operations, and creative execution. 

Based in New York City, she was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in New Mexico. Traveling the world, including stints in London / Istanbul / Mexico City / Los Angeles / Barcelona / Paris / Lima / Buenos Aires / Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo and most recently Hong Kong, her body of creative work explores the human experience through architecture, graffiti, and unembellished details of densely populated areas. This fascination with vast urban environments and the universal reality of contemporary city life stands in stark contrast to her rural upbringing near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. She has been twice-recognized as a CurateNYC Emerging Artist and her photographs have been internationally exhibited and published in various magazines and online. She speaks Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian. 

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